• Eric Istrada
  • Wahri Sunanda
  • Fardhan Arkan
Keywords: Energy audit, lux, Btu/hr, conservation, energy consumption intensity


The hospital is a building sector with huge energy needs. As the use of lighting equipment (lighting) and cooling (air conditioner). Operating for time improve the efficiency of energy use in the hospital, need to do the calculation of the energy audit or conservation, then look for alternative opportunities for savings. In determining the amount of light and power capacity (PK) AC (air conditioner) in a room should be based on the standard lux and BTU / hr predetermined. Based on the results of the calculation of the initial energy audit obtained by the total electrical energy consumption before conservation 11942.8 kWh / month, the cost of electricity bills Rp. 17,042,304 and intensity of the electrical energy consumption of 5.13 kWh/ m2/year or 61.56 kWh/m2/year. The results of a detailed energy audit energy-saving opportunities in cooling equipment (air conditioning) and lighting (lamps) are obtained prior to the conservation of total energy consumption 9570 kWh/month, after conservation of 8501 kWh/month with energy cost savings of Rp. 1525643. If the replacement is done ac cooling equipment (air conditioning) obtainable cost energy saving opportunities for ac equipment amounting to Rp. 590 778. Meanwhile, the value of the intensity of energy consumption after conservation 4.76 kWh /m2/ month or 57.12 kWh/m2/year.