Studi Pendahuluan Potensi Bencana Alam (Geo-Disaster) Di Pulau Bangka (Preliminary Study of Geo-Disaster in Bangka Island)

Irvani S.T., M.Eng., Indra Gunawan


The study area is a tin mining region in hundred years, located in Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province. Identifying geo-disaster potential, in order that to know the the type, spatial distribution of geo-disaster that caused by geogenic or antropogenic factor.     The research is done by observing all of geo-disaster potential, with geological and geomophological additional condition. Geo-disaster potential is ilustratrated in a map as result of work using geographic information system (GIS) software that is supported from Landsat TM7 analysis.    Erosion, sedimentation, lanslide and abration disaster mainly caused by antropogenic factors from tin mining activities and landfarming, but for dryness, flood, hurricane and earthquake caused by geogenic factors. For flood and dryness also influenced by antropogenic factor. Dryness, erosion and sedimentation has the large spatial distribution in Bangka Island.

Keywords: Antrophogenic, Geo-Disaster, Geogenic

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