Integrasi Perangkat Lunak Arcgis 9.3, Xampp, Mapserver for Window dan Geoserver dalam Rangka Penyusunan Peta Geologi Pulau Bangka Digital Berbasis Web

Franto S.T., M.Si., Alim Bahri


Geographic Information System is an information system that is used to enter, store, recall, process,analyze and output geographically referenced data or geospatial. By using GIS will be easier for decision makers to analyze the data. In this paper, the author makes the design of GIS localhost for the manufacture of Geographical Information Systems Geology Bangka Island using ArcGIS 9.3, Xampp, Mapserver and GeoServer.Utilization of several applications open source simple and applicable in the form of web server used is Xampp, the database server is used MySQL and management applications MySQL used PhpMyAdmin resulting Web SIG on geological aps digital Bangka Island and their attributes that can be used as information about the initial data for analysis advanced.

Keywords: SIG, Xampp, Mapserver, GeoServer.

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