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In Article 33 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution that national economic development aims to improve the welfare of the people as a whole so that the national economy is structured based on the principle of kinship. MSMEs as the forerunner of entrepreneurship in the process, need to be given more careful attention from various aspects. These MSMEs sometimes become unprofitable parties when there is a process of changing economic development. In Kurau village there is a group of PKK women who are engaged in the culinary field. One of the partners is Bahek Ewaki, an MSME in the field of special souvenirs from the Kurau area. Currently, Bahek Ewaki has employed 12 employees. Marketing is done in the Buy and Sell forum on Facebook and using WhatsApp. Another problem felt by partners is of the sale and buy contract. Buying and selling transactions are currently carried out only or in writing in chat applications so they cannot be accounted for. This can be detrimental to MSMEs because there can be unilateral cancellation of the agreed sale and buy transactions. This cannot be prosecuted because there is no legal agreement. From the problems that have been described, it is necessary to do the dedication. This service activity is carried out with legal protection for MSMEs from economic exploitation, especially of agreements or contracts of sale and buy. MSME business actors are very enthusiastic about this activity because they feel the need to know the form of the sale and buy contract so that if there is a violation from one of the parties, legal prosecution can be carried out. In this service, a pocketbook is also given which contains all material of buying and selling and examples of buying and selling contracts.

Keywords: MSMEs, Agreements, buying and selling transactions


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