Monitoring Load Imbalance of Distribution Transformers Based on Internet of Things Technology

  • Osea Zebua Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lampung
  • Endah Komalasari Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lampung
  • Syaiful Alam Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lampung
  • Aldiansyah Aldiansyah Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lampung


Unbalanced load is one of the causes of unpredictable distribution transformer failure, so it is necessary to monitor the unbalanced load of the distribution transformer. Internet of things technology-based equipment supports remote monitoring needs. This paper presents the monitoring of unbalanced load in distribution transformer based on IoT technology. The voltage sensor and current sensor are used to measure the rms voltage and current in each phase, the Arduino microcontroller is used to process the measurement data and send it to the network server via an ethernet shield and a wifi router equipped with an internet modem. The results showed that the monitoring equipment based on IoT technology was able to work to monitor unbalanced load online so that it could be monitored remotely via equipment connected to the internet network.


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