Implementation of MFCC and SVM for Voice Command Recognition as Control on Mobile Robot

  • Rendyansyah Rendyansyah Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sriwijaya


The mobile robot is a system that can move according to function and task. An example is an industrial robot taking objects using a remote control system. Robots controlled using a manual remote system are generally carried out on mobile robots. Many researchers have developed manual control methods, such as image or sound-based robot control. In this study, the mobile robot was applied in an unobstructed room and controlled using voice commands. The methods used are Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). MFCC is a characteristic identification of voice command patterns such as “forward”, “backward”, “left”, “right”, and “stop.” SVM is used to recognize voice command patterns based on the value of the MFCC for each pattern. The experiment has been carried out 50 times with a success rate of 96%. Overall the robot can be controlled by voice commands with good movement.

Keywords: Control, Mobile Robot, Voice Command


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