Publication Ethics


Jurnal Riset Fisika Indonesia (JRFI) is published twice every year in June and December by Department of Physics, Universitas Bangka Belitung. We are accepting manuscript research article, minireview/review, and short communication that covering all aspects of physics and applied chemistry in English or Bahasa.  Articles published in this journal are articles will not be published elsewhere, except abstracts, as course material, or research reports.


Articles submitted by the authors are reports of research results, reviews related to his expertise and have been well studied. The published article is described in detail so it can be replicated in other conditions. If necessary, the Editor will ask the author to submit the raw data. All quotations made by the author should be listed properly. A non-published resource cannot be used as a reference resource. Appreciation to all parties involved or funders should be listed as acknowledged or as contributors. The author is strictly forbidden to do plagiarism on the writings of others. The use of hazardous chemicals should be communicated how they are used and handled in the article, as well as the use of test animals should be communicated that it has received approval from the authorities. If there are things that the author thinks is a mistake in his writing after being published, they can make contact with the editor to discuss it.


Responsibility for choosing articles to be published is owned by the Editor. In making decisions editors must comply with the policies of the editorial board and consider the legal, ethical aspects prevailing in the community, as well as consideration of copyright and plagiarism, without being limited by the differences that exist in the author. The editor should be able to maintain the confidentiality of the articles, do not use for his own benefit, to request expert consideration, another group of experts if there are problems that cannot be resolved. If there is an objection from the interested parties, the Editor should be responsive to respond to the complaint immediately even though the publication has been carried out for a long time. 


A reviewer is a person selected by the editor according to his or her expertise. A reviewer may refuse an editor's request if not understand the reviewed article or is inconsistent with their expertise. Reviewers can provide inserts about the articles reviewed and help the Editor to make decisions about the articles being reviewed. Upon receiving and correcting the article from the reviewer Editor is required to keep the document confidential. Reviewers should take note of quotes by the author (written and in reference). In reviewing, reviewers should not use the text for personal gain without permission from the author. Reviewers should treat fairly reviewed articles reviewed.