The Study of Th and U Elements in Bangka Island

  • Irvani Irvani Jurusan Teknik Pertambangan Universitas Bangka Belitung
  • Janiar Pitulima Jurusan Teknik Pertambangan Universitas Bangka Belitung


As one of the island that producing tin ore mineral (cassiterite), Bangka Island has probably a big
potential of tin associated mineral that contains radioactive elements like Thorium (Th) and Uranium
(U). Th and U can be one of potential future prospect elements expecially for nuclear energy. Th and
U elements bearing minerals in Bangka Island not yet exploited. They take out from the tin ore mining
and becoming tailing, and then through the surface water flows or shallow sea water as sediment. The
study goal is to getting the number of radioactive Th and U elements using surface sediment sample
and then interpretation some part of their spatial distribution form. The Surface sediment data has
been collected on 2 sites Kolong in Muntok District West Bangka Regency, 3 sites in Merawang
District Bangka Regency, 9 sites in Pangkalpinang City, 2 sites in Central Bangka Regency and 2
sites in South Bangka Regency. Chemistry analysis of sediments for identification the presence of Th
and U elements. Radioactive element of Uranium (U) almost presence at all shallow surface
sediment 4.842 - 229.2 ppm except nul in 1 sample. Thorium (Th) just presence in a part of sediment
sample. One site as especially case study Kacang Pedang Retention Ponds, shows Th and U
radioactive elements has the heterogenity spatial pattern.

Keywords: Elements, Radioactive, Sediment


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