The Fropil was first published in June 2013. The publication of Fropil aims to be the forum of scientific communication to disseminate information and engage researchers in the academic networks of the civil engineering field. The Fropil is issued twice in a year (June and December). Initially, the Fropil was published in a print-out version with the International Standard Series Number ISSN 2338-2791. Starting from June 2018 (Vol 6 No.1), Fropil published online and open access with electronic International Standard Series Number ISSN 2621-1440.
The Fropil is sponsored by the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Bangka Belitung University. The journal focuses on the field of civil engineering, including structural engineering and materials, geotechnical engineering, transportation planning and management, highway engineering and development, water resources engineering, water resources management, and construction management. Currently, the Fropil is indexed by Indonesia Science and Technology Index (SINTA), Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA), Google Scholar, and Indonesia One Search.