A Zenk Galvalum Analysis Seng Galvalum tensile strength against the load that is given

Analyze Seng Galvalum's tensile strength to overload

  • Wawan Trisnadi Putra Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo


Testing the strength of a material / material by giving a force load that is a test for measuring the strength of the joint. The results obtained from tensile testing are very important for engineering and product design because they produce material strength data. Zinc galvanized tensile testing is done to find out how much tensile strength of zinc galvanized. This test is done by pulling the test object in a vertical direction to find out how much the maximum tensile strength of zinc galvanized is then tested with 3 different types of specimens of different thickness and length. For testing of zinc galvanized specimens it is varied into 3 specimens with different lengths and thicknesses are 100 mm-140 mm long, 4 mm wide 0.2, 04 and 0.5 mm thick. from the results of the tests carried out the results of tensile strength of 3 types of test specimens with lengths of 100mm-140mm thick 0.2, 0.4 and 0.5. the first in the testing of zinc galvanized specimens was the greatest tensile strength at 140 mm in length with a load of 34.14 kg / mm² with a cross-sectional area of ​​0.8. Furthermore, at the greatest stress strength on specimens 1 galvanized zinc plate with strain 34.14 kg / mm². then the largest strain results in a 100 mm 2 specimen of zinc plates were glued and not glued with the results of strain 0.008 mm. the last results of the greatest modulus of elasticity in specimens measuring 140 mm in length with load elasticity of 34.13 kg / mm².


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