Synthesis Of Mg/Al Hydrotalsite-Magnetite As CN- Ion Adsorbent On Wastewater Tapioca Industry

Sintesis Mg/Al Hidrotalsit-Magnetit sebagai Adsorben ion CN- pada Air Limbah Industri Tapioka

  • Maudi Aulia Universitas Bangka Belitung
  • Fajar Indah Puspita Sari Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Bangka Belitung
  • Ristika Oktavia Asriza Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering,Universitas Bangka Belitung


Cyanide compounds contained in tapioca industrial wastewater are relatively high, so it is necessary to reduce cyanide levels. This study utilizes the hydrotalcite-magnetite ability to adsorption of CN- ions. The composite formation process is carried out by mixing the magnetite phase at the stage of hydrotalcite-magnetite synthesis. The characterization of X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) shows reflection of the magnetite peak of 2θ 21.42°; 30,28°; 33.40°;35.65° and 37°. While the peak of hydrotalocites at an angle of 11.66° ; 23,33° ; 34,80° ; 60,92° ; and 62.21°. This result is supported by ir spectra on hydrotalocytes shown by O-H group at wave number 3441 cm-1, O=C-O at wave numbers 1359 cm-1, M-O and M-OH at wave numbers 964 cm-1, 797 cm-1 and 673 cm-1. Fe-O and Fe-OH absorption from magnetites at wave numbers 892 cm-1, 798 cm-1 and 629 cm-1. 0.4 grams of hydrotalcite-magnetite at 30 minutes of stirring absorbed 0.0490 mg/L of cyanide from tapioca liquid waste solution. The value of adsorption capacity is 0.022 mg/g and the adsorption efficiency is 87.96%. The hydrotalcite-magnetite adsorption method is superior to aerob and anaerobic methods using bacteria in the tapioca industry.


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Aulia, M., Sari, F., & Asriza, R. (2021). Synthesis Of Mg/Al Hydrotalsite-Magnetite As CN- Ion Adsorbent On Wastewater Tapioca Industry. Stannum : Jurnal Sains Dan Terapan Kimia, 3(2), 69-75.
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