• Ozkar F. Homzah Universitas Tridinanti
  • Hermanto Hermanto Universitas Tridinanti




A prototype is designed to cool and then dry air or dehumidification. The prototype uses thermoelectric as the main component in dehumidification. This research is conducted by studying the performance of a portable mini dehumidifier using thermoelectric technology with variation of input air to COP (coefficient of performance) of thermoelectric module that is TEC1-12706. This research was conducted for four times variation of input air that is in the morning (at 07.00-10.00 am); daytime (at 00:00 to 03:00 pm); Night (09.00-12.00 pm); and set-point (set-temperature 24 oC) for the average every 15 minutes of data retrieval. The results show that heat-sinks for cold side can cool air temperature of 5.40 oC in set-point mean conditions, and the smallest cooling is only 2.23 oC in average daytime conditions. The results of the research also obtained the best coefficient of performance or COP from the hot side of the heat-sink in the set-point condition that is 1.64 by reducing (dehumidifier) of air humidity from 59% to 27.08%, while at night time the hot side of the heat-sink performance small decrease to 1.48 due to air humidity of product resulted reach 43.23% from incoming air humidity that is 95.77%.

Keywords: thermoelectric TEC1-12706, air temperature and relative humidity, portable mini dehumidifier, COP


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